Let there be peace, let it begin with me

Let there be peace and let it begin with me. I reflected this phrase all evening after the transgender memorial walk today .I said to myself, let peace begin with me.

I do not understand discrimination. I do not understand why we treat our fellow human being the way we do. I do not understand why we hurt others to prove a point that no one will understand. Because language is limited to express what we mean and how we mean it.

Today I wanted to reflect more and more on what it is to welcome all people, one of the rules of life of the Community Of Saint Francis. In my travels around the world over the last 20 years i found human beings. Just human beings of all kinds. I was fascinated by the beauty of human soul and touched by human compassion.

I saw how we breath life into the other no matter who the other is. I found people who can breath life into other people. They were from all walks of life and all orientations, colors, cultures and races. You name it I found it. I found people who give life to people. God became real when I found God breathing into the other in front of me. God became so powerfully among us, when the qualifier of a human condition such as man, woman, male, female, colored, race, child and all that qualified human conditions disappeared and when human beings emerged. God became so real when all the differences and difficulties of the other disappeared from the periphery of my own conditions and limitations. God breathed into my soul and gave life and freedom that is beyond my own wildest imaginations.

I found God and I found peace. It started within me when God breathed into me. A lot of people breathed life into me and then I realized creation is so profoundly real and now. Genesis is now and God is breathing into my soul through you no matter who you are.

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