Rule 1: Life of openness to the Holy Spirit

Lord, I surrender my will over to you. I put my total trust in you to show me what I need to know and keep from me what I do not need to know. Give me the strength to accept what you show me, and the patience to wait and listen for your guidance.

Rule 2: Life of simplicity

Lord Jesus, bless me with the grace I need to find you in things I consider insignificant, and life situations that are obscure. Free my heart from the possessions of this world, that I can soar in heights like the birds in the air, and bloom where you have planted me like the lilies in the field. Amen.

Rule 3: Life of radical welcome

God of love, help me to see you in all persons, and to love them unconditionally as you do. Lord, help me to welcome others joyfully into community with me, especially those who are most in need. As you give freely, help me to give freely! Thank you, Lord God the Father, thank you Lord Jesus, thank you Lord Holy Spirit, the Holy and Undivided Trinity! Amen.

Rule 4: Life of simple prayer and reading the scripture

Lord, create in me such a longing for you that I am ever faithful in prayer and in reading sacred scripture. But keep my praying simple, for you already know my heart, and keep my reading slow, that I may be absorbed in your meaning, and build in me such trust in you that I am transformed in your boundless love.

Rule 5: Life of poverty of the spirit

Blessed Lord, grant me the understanding that I cannot do what you would have me do by depending on my own talents and skills. Walk with me, Father, as I learn to empty myself of my desires and other worldly attachments, so that there is room for you to fill me with your will. In the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Rule 6: Life of unconditional forgiveness

Lord Jesus, enable, encourage, and empower me, your humble servant, to conform to your practices of mercy, peace, and forgiveness of all. Lord, help me to seek, strive, and stimulate, through your unconditional grace, renewal and reconciliation for all, including for myself, and especially for those souls marginalized by their circumstances.

Rule 7: Life of care of nature

Lord, set my feet upon a rock and make my footsteps firm, so I may see and hear the natural beauty of this world. Give me the wisdom to nurture what I am given, from the lilies of the field to the highest mountain. This I pray before the Father, from whom every family, whether spiritual or natural, takes its name.